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Clone Trooper
November 3, 2006, 2:56 am
Filed under: Star Wars


Thats a jedi you created yourself in the game.  I know because he has C-3po’s body, han-solo’s pants, a red light saber, princess leia’s arms, black gloves and he is wearing a black and a cape.  Clone troopers are not allowed to wear those things or robot bodies or wear different sleaves or use lightsabers.  They are only allowed to wear their clone trooper outfits.


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the person who created that Jedi was very creative. It is a very fancy jedi.

Comment by Godfather Fergie

cool I have lego star wars too.

Comment by andrew

Andrew have you beaten Star Wars Legos?

Comment by sirauggie

Yes, Auggie, I’ve beaten Star Wars legos. Can you write something about your new Wii? My mom and dad are looking for one, but they are all gone. We have to wait.

Comment by andrew

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