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Star Wars Legos 2
October 22, 2006, 2:15 am
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I am playing Star Wars Legos Episode 2. It is my favorite game. I figured out that you could do something that you couldn’t do in Star Wars Legos the Video Game Episeode 1. In Star Wars Legos Episode 2 you can go on free play in the ships. I love Star Wars. Battles are usually fought with guns instead of light sabers. Light sabers are usually only fought with Jedi against Jedi or Light Sabers against Guns. Luke Skywalker didn’t even know how special of a Jedi he was until very very far, for a long time. His father is evil. Luke Skywalker was first a pilot before he became a Jedi. Luke Skywalker was very weak before he was a pilot or a jedi. He is from the planet Tatooine. The emperor is afraid of Luke Skywalker, because the emperor always knew that he was a very special jedi. He knew that Luke is more powerful than him. The emeror is the master of all the dark side. Anakin used to have much to learn. Darth Vader is second in command on the dark side. General Grevious is the general of clone troopers. The emperor will show up on reflections and give commands in other places. You can only find them in certain places. There is one in every place that there is. The dark side betrayed only one jedi and this is the jedi that they betrayed most of all — Luke Skywalker.


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thet was cool i won a world thanks for telling me.

Comment by andrew

Thank you Andrew.

Comment by Auggie

you’er welcom

Comment by andrew

thanks for sending me the star wars informations that was very helpfull,
i have star wars orginal triligi lego
and ive unlocked Anikan skywalker ghost
and next im gona get Benkonobi ghost

Comment by Arvin

Thats cool Arvin! I am playing the same game.  I am on the very start of episode 6.

Comment by sirauggie

If you have it have you unlocked

Comment by Arvin

Luke and Anakin are strong fighters

Comment by Arvin

have you beeten Darth vader

Comment by Arvin

I haven’t unlocked Luke or Anakin, but I have defeated Darth Vader a couple of times. Alot of times actually.

Comment by sirauggie

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