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October 22, 2006, 1:47 am
Filed under: Dragons

Here is a picture of a dragon. It has blue horns and there is somebody riding on it. He is holding up an axe. The dragon’s stomach is skinny.


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I think dragons are really cool. I wonder if they would make good pets? Or would they eat to much?

Comment by Godfather Fergie

They eat people and sometimes they eat other monsters. So they wouldn’t be that good of a pet, because you might get eaten.

Comment by Auggie

So if I give them other monsters to eat, do you think I could have a dragon as a freind?

Comment by Godfather Fergie

are you crasy

Comment by andrew

You can’t have a dragon as a friend because he might get more hungry and you might run out of monsters and he might eat you.

Comment by sirauggie

Do you meen youv got a pet dragen

Comment by Arvin

No I don’t have a pet dragon because dragons would burn down my house. I would like to have a dog. But my pet salamander died.

Comment by sirauggie

You guys have too narrow of view about dragons. There are as many behaviors of dragons as there are behaviors of people. Some kill some are protective. Just use your imagination.

Comment by Chaddow

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